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Wild Green Sea Turtle Sighting

When the weather conditions are well enough Bay West Adventures guarantees Wild Sea Turtle Sighting. These are green sea turtles that swim very fast and must be approached correctly. Sometimes these turtles will come up for a breath of fresh air and to get a better view of the people on the boat. There are small, medium, and large sized green sea turtles with beautifully patterned shells. Many People ask if they can swim with them but they are easily spooked.

Crystal Cay

Crystal Cay had a park named Coral Island that featured a Marine Museum, Underwater Observatory, Stingray, Shark and Turtle Pools, Touch Pool, Snorkel Trail, and a unique, secluded Villa Hotel. Coral Island was opened in 1987 with much success up until 1999 when hurricane Floyd caused catastrophic damage to the entire island. Since then all that remained was the underwater observatory tower. There was a bridge that connected this strange tower to the island which has deteriorated over the years leaving only the main structure. This structure is now home to the creatures of the ocean and coral is growing everywhere on the base. 

Worlds Largest Under Water Statue

The Bahamas is now home to the world's largest underwater sculpture. Just off the coast of New Providence, Jason deCaires Taylor's Ocean Atlas is a 60-ton, 18-foot-tall statue of a young Bahamian girl who appears to be holding up the ocean, much like the mythological Titan Atlas shouldered the burden of the heavens.

The world's largest underwater sculpture (Ocean Atlas) is a 60-ton, 18-foot-tall statue of a young Bahamian girl who appears to be holding up the ocean as the mythological legend Atlas holds up the world on his shoulders. Jason deCaires Taylor created this piece of art to serve as a reminder of the many environmental threats that our oceans face, from overfishing and global warming, to water pollution and the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, and a warning that future generations will have to deal with the consequences of current environmental neglect. Made from sustainable PH-neutral materials, the statue will gradually transform into an artificial reef, attracting coral and other marine life.

 Goodmans Bay

Goodman's Bay has a historical background and the name of this calm relaxing Bay full of life can only be told by the captain/crew Bay West Adventures style. This area is noticeably calmer than other areas as outer reefs and two islands protect it from the rough open ocean. We love to begin our tours in this Bay as there is so much to see above and below the water. 

Coral Reef of Cable Beach

The liveliest coral reef in Nassau Bahamas this massive reef is a vast area of purple/yellow sea fans, many different types of coral, tropical fish, sea turtles, eels, spiny lobsters, and much more. Only the most experienced captains know the route to get in and out safely. This reef can only be snorkeled in optimal weather conditions. It is a must see when possible.  

Rose Island

Rose Island is located about 3 miles east of Paradise Island. Beautiful beaches and lagoons with a handful of vacation homes there are no roads or infrastructure. Huge reefs are plentiful for divers to enjoy the variety of sea life. There is a local restaurant/bar open on selected days enjoyed by tourists and locals. This is usually an exclusive area with little to no people on the island otherwise the beaches are lined up with small boats to yachts on local holidays and Sundays.

The island was used as a filming location for the movie Thunderball (1965) James Bond. The scene was for the crash landing of a Bomber plane. 

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